We love to talk to people, so if you’re a person and you want to talk to us then we will probably do a little dance of joy. We’ve outlined the best ways to chat below.


Want To Work With Us?

Here at PYAR we are always looking for new projects to work on and new clients to please. If you are interested in licensing any of our music or working with us on a custom project for use with TV/film or video/games then we would love to hear from you on the address below. The process is simple. You tell us what you require, we work out a fair deal for both of us, we make it happen.


Want To Get Involved?

Think you’re onto something and want to get us involved? Sounds great! Let us know on the address below and let’s see what we can accomplish together.


Got some feedback for us?

There’s no ego here. If you have some feedback for us, positive or negative, then we would love to hear from you. We can’t improve without valuable feedback from our friends and followers and so we encourage anybody who would like to raise anything with us to do so on the address below: