Whatever you need, it’s probably in here somewhere. We are a very modern studio and rely heavily on state of the art tone emulation but we do have outboard gear where it counts. In the box is the future of music production, but you can’t beat classic gear sometimes.




Other Equipment

The Rooms

The Live Room

Our live room is a medium sized carpeted room which has been treated with acoustic curtaining, 2 large bass traps and various diffusers. The walls are built with 10 inch spacing and filled with acoustic rock wool treatment for a controlled acoustic environment.


The Vocal Booth

Our vocal booth is a simple 1.5m squared foam treated box with a none-reflective sound for the correct production of singing and voice-over work. It features a spaced glass window into the control room for communicative purposes.


The Control Room

Our control room features a powerful Presonus studio live 16.4.2 system with Studio One Pro software. The room is corner trapped and treated to make mixing a breeze. The system is compatible with both PC and Mac platforms. Perhaps more important is the fact that we have leather couches and a mini fridge with tea and coffee making facilities!